Purple Thistle Dairy Goats

2013 AGS National Show

2013 AGS National Show

2012 Rogue Valley 2011 ISDGA Memorial Day Show 2011 Rogue Valley

++*B SGCH Alize Charleston Chew

Goat, Nubian, Buck (male) | Brown,white face blaze and belt

ADGA# N1542582 | DOB: 2/17/2010 (9 yrs)

Lake Shore PS Tropical. Storm
SGCH. Jacobs Pride Red Hot Candy

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Not for Sale


LA 4-5 90 EEV


2013 AGS Show RGCH
2013Valley DGA GCH X1, RGCH x1
2013 Herd Jewels DGA Challenge x3
2012 Herd Jewels DGA GCH x3
2011 Idaho Syringa DGA RGCH x2
2011 Valley DGA RGCH

Updated 4/10/2018


Sr. Doe (female)5 yrsBrown Roan 
Not for Sale
Doe (female)8 yrsRed Roan With White Splashes 
Not for Sale
Doe (female)8 yrsLight Brown Roan, Frosted Ears 
Not for Sale
Doe (female)6 yrsBlack, Frosted Ears Tan Trim 
Not for Sale
Doe (female)3 yrsBrown 
Not for Sale
First Freshener (female)1 yrBrown,white crown frosted ears
Not for Sale
Doe (female)2 yrsBlack full blaze face
Not for Sale
Doe (female)3 yrsBrown With White Saddle 
Not for Sale
Doe (female)5 yrsBrown 
Not for Sale
Doe (female)5 yrsBrown white ears tan trim 
Not for Sale