Foundation Goats - Bucks

Buck (male)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
*B Joheas-Acres SW King of Hearts Toggenburg Buck (male) Brown with correct white markings 3 yrs Not for Sale
*B Lakeshore Vin's Bell'uom Nubian Buck (male) Black; tan trim; white splashes 2 yrs Not for Sale
*B Lone Thistle Quantum Victor LaMancha Buck (male) White 5 yrs Not for Sale
*B Woest-Hoeve MR Martin Nubian Buck (male) Dark brown white belt ,crown,muzzle 3 yrs Not for Sale
+*B SG Tempo Desani LaMancha Buck (male) Cream and white 8 yrs Not for Sale
+*B SGCH Lakeshore EX. Summer Exodus Nubian Buck (male) Dark brown Not for Sale
+*B Sweet-Spring Ralph Lauren Nubian Buck (male) Brown frosted ears muzzle 6 yrs Not for Sale
++*B SGCH Alize Charleston Chew Nubian Buck (male) Brown,white face blaze and belt 10 yrs Not for Sale
++*B SGCH Iron Owl Bluebeard Nubian Buck (male) Black silver ears 12 yrs Not for Sale
++B GCH Welbian-Farm's SB Sugar Daddy Toggenburg Buck (male) Brown with correct markings 11 yrs Not for Sale
Woest-Hoeve JL Jimmy Choo Nubian Buck (male) 1 yr Not for Sale